Monday, August 22, 2011

Ana-Baptist Poem - for Reformation Day!

The time had come for all to hear,
The Popish church must change!
The greed of lucre was it’s goal
Indulgences so strange.

So Luther nailed his ninety five
On the door it did resound,
But little did the Priest for see
An impact so profound.

Reformers of the church were they
Zwingli , Luther, Grebel and Manz
But eye to eye they could not see
On Church and State, by chance.

More issues did arise so swift
The men could not agree.
Baptize the child - Immerse the man,
A split did form you see.

Reformers and Romans had found a cause
On which they could agree.
The Re-Baptisers should be drowned
This caused the men to flee.

Not all would flee, Some chose to fight,
At Munster did they rally.
Hofmann would cry, let them all die!
And sickening was the tally.

Some called for peace, good will toward all,
Menno Simons at the head.
Pursued were those that proclaimed peace
Many persecuted, many dead.

So Luther went one way you see
And Menno went the other.
The Church survived the schism then
With love for one another.

Baptism now can still divide,
When men, their wills they press.
But Christ, His Bride, He will prepare,
Despite man’s stubbornness.

Mennonites, Quakers, Hutterites too
Ana-Baptists one and all
Amish, Brethren and Baptists a few
Our heritage can we recall.

Reformers all,  we have to thank
For bringing to the light.
The errors of the Popish Church
For Truth must still shine bright!

By Mark Phillips
October 2010


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