Monday, August 22, 2011

What's The Rush - A Christmas Poem

The year is ending, Christmas is near,
more credit, more lending for Holiday Cheer.
The stores filled with shoppers ignoring the lights,
while rushing to buy expensive delights.

For this friend or that, for sister or brother,
a gift must be bought for one reason or other.
By the end of the season frustration increases,
The gifts get less thoughtful, and we go to pieces.

Could be we’ve forgotten why Christmas is here?
The reason for gifts and singing and cheer?
God’s Gift of His Son is why we rejoice,
and give gifts, and sing songs with our voice!
His love for us is why He came down,
made low in a manger, not wearing a crown.

Salvation He brings to all who believe,
His death on the cross was so we could receive
the gift of new life and eternal reward,
trust Jesus your Savior and call Him your Lord.
By Mark Phillips

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