Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The World Below: Final thoughts

Thanks for following The World Below.  This story, was oft told to my children over several days, and at different times.  Some were younger and some were older and the details get blurry over time, for them and for me. I took some creative license as I recorded the story again from memory, filling out details and character traits as I went along.  I read it again to the children still at home and they seemed to enjoy it, even though the youngest is 13 now (OK I AM old). 

Now I'd like to answer some obvious questions about the story... 

No, I don't think there are actual descendents of the Anakim alive today.  No, I don't believe in evolution.  No, mermaids do not exist (although they may have!). No, I don't believe children should date at 13 years old. No, fish do not have souls.

Yes, I expect children to obey their parents. Yes, I believe in a literal creation by the Creator God. Yes, I believe in Jesus our Emanuel our Savior and Redeemer.

Finally, this story is a fantasy!  Writing is fun and can be entertaining!   I hope you enjoyed it!

Your other questions are welcome, your comments as well.



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