Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is a woman?

What is a woman?

A woman is a puzzle to be solved.
She is a fragrance on the breeze.
She is laughter at the edge of your hearing.
A woman is the highest complement to her Creator.
She is warmth to the chilly, compassion to the weak, love to the unlovely.
She is tenderness and strength.
She is mysterious and illusive.
A woman is alluring and aloof.
She is comfort and hope.
She is strong and sure.
She is soft and sweet.
A woman is integrity wrapped in sensuality.
She is submissive, but never possessed.
She is honorable and valuable.
She is hard working and dependable.
A woman is God's gift to man.
She is what makes man whole.
She is a mother to her children.
She is a companion to her husband.
A woman is a cool breeze in the summer.
She is rain in the desert.
She is fire in the cold night.
She is strength when her husband is weak.
A woman is all these things and more,
yet a man will spend his whole life and never fully grasp all that she is.
~Mark Phillips 03292015

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  1. That is so neat!!! You have such a gift with words! Keep posting! I love to read what you write. :)

    Love you Daddy,